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Classy Barcelona, Spain Top Hotels

Classy Barcelona, Spain Top Hotels

In Barcelona the services offered by the hotels do not vary as per the standard of the hotel. Though, you won't get five star services in a one star hotel, but the service in one star hotel is also up to the mark. There are many middle budget hotels which will suit your budget as well as your comfort level. The middle ranger Barcelona Hotel gives excellent services and comfort.
One of the few hotels in Barcelona to suit the middle budget traveler is the hotel "Hostal Olivia". This Barcelona hotel has wonderful wrought iron stairway and captivating reliefs. Another such hotel is the "Hostal Gat Xino" having sparkling interiors and smooth and glossy furniture. 
When you search for middle range Barcelona Spain hotel you will find that "Hostal Goya" has class and elegant interiors together with matchless hospitality. In the same range Hostal Opera provides for all the modern services. Another notable Barcelona Spain hotel in the middle budget range is the Barcelona Center. It is a friendly hotel giving a warm welcome to all it guests. It has the advantage of offering many rooms with an exclusive balcony for you to enjoy the scenery. Peace and comfort are the keywords of the Hostal Orleans that is located in picturesque location.

You won't find only middle range hotels in Barcelona there are a number of classy hotels as well. Though they are a bit expensive, but they are a class above the rest of the hotels. One of such hotel is the Hotel Arts. It is a luxurious hotel having a restaurant with sumptuous cuisine. You can have some spectacular sight of the city and sea and is also offers an imperial spa treatment.

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BARCELONA, Spain Picture #5; Torre AGBAR


Hilton Barcelona and Ritz Gran Via De Les Corts is essence of luxuriousness also offering comfort of distance between the hotels and Barcelona Spain Hotels. Hotel Omm is a jazzy hotel in Barcelona. There are comfortable balconies, muted lighting, charming lounges and cozy pools. This Barcelona Spain Hotel has simplicity with futuristic design. You will be impressed by the Casa Camper Barcelona hotel. It has a hammock experience with picturesque views, heavenly comforts and delicious meals. There are many other hotels in Barcelona like the Hotel Condes de Barcelona, Grand Marina Hotel, Hotel Majestic, Hotel Le Meriden, The Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I, and the Hotel Palace. There are many self-catering Barcelona apartments and the vacation rentals in Barcelona which offer comfortable stay. With such a wide choice available whatever type of Barcelona Spain hotel you are bound to have comfortable stay.

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  1. Actually, we stayed here for three nights the service are very great and the place are lovely. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my mother so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Thank you for posting such article.